Wire Erosion

All our wire erosion machines are Swiss made Charmilles Technologies machines.  Most of our wire erosion machines are calibrated to NADCAP which allows us to manufacture highly critical, tight tolerance components to the aerospace industry.

Wire Erosion Capacity
3 x Agie Charmilles Cut 300
1 x Agie Charmilles VP4
2 x Charmilles Robofil 330f
2 x Charmilles Robofil 440sl
2 x Charmilles Robofil 6020
1 x Charmilles Robofil 6000
1 x Charmilles Robofil 2020si
1 x Charmilles Robofil 4020
3 x Charmilles Robofil 510
Maximum Component Size 1200X 700Y 510Z. Maximum weight 1500kg

Why EDM?

  • Complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools
  • Extremely hard material to very close tolerances
  • Very small work pieces where conventional cutting tools may damage the part from excess cutting tool pressure.
  • There is no direct contact between tool and work piece. Therefore delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without any distortion.
  • A good surface finish can be obtained.
  • Very fine holes can be easily drilled.

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